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Journal of Biomedical Sciences Recent Trends and Future Prospects in Biomedical Research Journal of Biomedical Sciences Advances in Biomedical and Biological Engineering Journal of Biomedical Sciences Volume 10, Issue 2 Journal of Biomedical Sciences Volume 10, Issue 3 https:/ Cerebellar and Hypocampal Changes Induced by Lead in Wistar Rats The Role ofOcimum gratissimium Leaves Extract pIbegbu O Augustine1 , Okechukwu N Gertrude1 , Eze Martin1 , Uchewa O Obinna1 , Ezemagu K Uchenna1 , Egwu A Ogugua1 , Sarah AlRashed2 , Ibe Usman Michael3 and Saber Batiha4p https:/ SARSCoV2 Post Vaccination Disease Infection Tracking Breakthrough CasesinPakistan pAaysha Tariq1 , Ahmad Farooq1 , Talat Mehmood1 , Rashid Rehman1 , Bakhtawar Abbas1 and Rehan Ahmed Siddiqui2p https:/ Determination of Cell Biomedical Sciences pAkiop https:/ Biomedical Therapy of Drugs Sciences pShah Dwaynep https:/ A Note of Biomedical Applications pVin Chanp Journal of Biomedical Sciences Volume 10, Issue 4 https:/ Route of Administration and Policy of Vaccination pUday Rajanp https:/ Career as a Biomedical Scientist and Why it is Important pMark Dwaynep https:/ Chemistry and Side Effects of Heroin pVijay kiranp https:/ The Existence of Biomedicine and its Jobs pKin Wangp https:/ Protective Role of Virgin Coconut Oil against Adverse Effects of Atrazine Toxicity on Glucose and Oestradiol Metabolism in Male Wistar Rats pTitilope Helen Olatunbosun1,Elemi John Ani2,nbspUyai Edidiong Francis1 ,Asuquo Etim Asuquo1, Department of Physi1p Journal of Biomedical Sciences Health and Disease https:/ Admissions of Acute Coronary Syndrome among Wn during Early Phase and One Year of Coronavirus Disease 2019 COVID19 Pandemic in Gaza pGhada Naser and Mohammed Habibp https:/ Is Biomedicine Function Requires Great Antibody Diversity pHassan Antoniop https:/ The Prevalence of Hepatis E Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B Surface Antigenemias in HAART Experienced People Living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV in Rivers State Nigeria pAaron Umasoye Udogadi1 , Okonko IO2 and FrankPeterside N2p https:/ Clinical Issues is the Human Dimension of a Drug Project pRonald Franklinp https:/ Is Immunology Growing Rapidly in Scientific Field pTwain Markp Journal of Biomedical Sciences Biomedical Research https:/ Note on Chemotaxonomy and its Classifications pElza Nikoleishvili p https:/ Is Heterogeneity in the Nature of the Mutation pMichailovna Bilal p https:/ Adverse Effects of the Absorption of Plant Sterols pLarisa Bungayp https:/ PointofUse CleaningPreCleaning of Reusable Medical DevicesInstruments pGhulam Abbasp https:/ Impact of Dengue and Vaccines in India Review pRya Naik and Akash Shettyp Journal of Biomedical Sciences General Biomedical Science https:/ Two Way Bridges of Pharmacology and Biomedicine pBungay Larisap https:/ Neuralink Technology The Future of Neural Engineering pAbhinn D Sutharp https:/ SOX4 Gene Contributes in Induction of Uterine Adenomyosis pMahdi Saber AlDeresawi1 , Abdul Hussein Moyet AlFaisal2 , and Aseel Razaq AlRekabi2p https:/ Antimicrobial Effect of Filtered 222 nm Excimer Lamps in a Hospital WaitingArea pJacob Thyrsted1 , Stine Yde Nielsen1 , Christian Kanstrup Holm1, Soslashren Helbo Skaarup2 , Andreas Floslashe Hvass2 , Elisabeth Bendstrup2 , Pernille Hauschildt2 and Sara Moeslund Joensen 3p https:/ Weight Bearing Synovial Joints and Bioelectrical Impedance Plethysmography APerceptive Concerning Knee Joint pRajendra Saxenap Journal of Biomedical Sciences Volume 10, Issue 6 https:/ A Short Note on Computational Techniques pMarty Readp https:/ A Short Note on Molecular Genetics pstrongspan langENUS stylefontsize120ptRaiden Morinospanstrongp https:/ Trends and Challenges in Neuroengineering Models of Brain Disease pstrongspan langENUS stylefontsize120ptAles Prokopspanstrongp https:/ A Brief Note on Biomedicine in Biology pstrongspan langENUS stylefontsize120ptAdrian Lutzspanstrongp https:/ Therapeutic Applications of Ultrasound pMarty Readp Journal of Biomedical Sciences Biomedicine Current Updates Journal of Biomedical Sciences Volume 10, Issue 1 Journal of Biomedical Sciences Volume 10, Issue 5 https:/ Engine Room of Modern Biomedical Science pJames Kelvinp https:/ Piriform Sac With Bile Juice in our Body Helps Digestion pHelen Jeffersonp https:/ Medicinal Usage and Side Effects of Penicillin pKazuyoshia Tsutsuiap https:/ Iris Recognition for Smokers and NonSmokers pMohammadreza Azimip https:/ Malignant Growth Alludes to a Class of Illness pFranklin Johnp