Chronic inflammation and mucus hyper secretion are the factors responsible for various respiratory diseases including throat and lung cancers: Prevention and Management through exercise interventions

Introduction & Objective: The objective of the paper is to create awareness among people about alternative and complimentary methods to protect themselves from various respiratory diseases including throat and lung cancers.


The diseases cause the following changes in airways.


(1) Inflammation: Acute inflammation is a defense process whereas chronic inflammation is a disease process.


(2) Hyper secretion of mucus: Is the result of goblet cell hyperplasia in respiratory mucosa and is a prominent future of inflammation. They go together. Chronic mucus hyper secretion is a potential risk factor for an accelerated loss of lung function. The thick viscous mucus in the lungs will be conducive to pathogens. Continued inflammation and mucus hyper secretion may significantly contribute to transformation of normal cells into pre-cancerous cells and later into cancerous cells i.e. the scope for series of mutations on genes may get increased.


(3) Bronchospasm: Is an additional factor in asthma patients. Exercise is a potent medication in history. It can be used as a tool to manage various respiratory diseases including throat and lung cancers. Cleaning Upper airway passages, mouth, nose and pharynx, the primary sites of colonization of pathogens and the sinuses, the way stations to the brain are the exercises. These exercises should be practiced with hypertonic solution i.e., a solution having greater osmotic pressure than that of cells or body fluids and draws water out of cells thus inducing plasmolysis.


Physical, aerobic and yogic exercises help in strengthening the inspiratory and expiratory muscles. Any mucus related respiratory health problem commences from upper airway passages and spread to tracheo bronchial tree as they constitute only one pathway. The mucociliary clearance mechanism becomes defunct when excess and sticky mucus forms. Once the upper airway passages are cleaned of it, the defunct cilia become active and ciliate mucus towards mouth and it can be pushed out easily. The upper airway passages and the bronchial airways get cleaned from excess and sticky mucus.


The diseases originating from its pathway come under control. The exercises are based on the concept “Once the offending factor, excess mucus is removed, the origin of it, inflammation gets resolved”. as a result of management of the above two factors, the gene damaging effect may get reduced i.e., the scope for series of mutations on genes may get reduced.




Manikonda Prakash Rao, Healthcare specialist, Awadree for excellence in Mucus related respiratory Health, Hyderabad, Telangana has completed his Master’s Degree, International Law and Legal Studies, and was a Gold Medalist in International law and Constitutional law. He presented papers at various international Medical conferences. So far he participated in about 20 conferences including All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi for Geriatric conferences, WAO of US for conferences in immunology and allergy etc. He was also made the Chairperson at Multi disciplinary healthcare conferences organized by All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi in the year 2014 and 2016. Recently he presented papers at Indo global health summit and expo at Hyderabad and other summits on Throat and Lung cancers – prevention and Management through exercise interventions.


Manikonda Prakash Rao

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