Effect of BDNF layered hyaluronan nanoparticles on new bone formation

Bone healing is a complicate tissue repair process in the fracture gap. New implants should be able to promote bone formation and reduce side effects as well. Here, BDNF/hyaluronan-NPs were explored for their applicability in bone repair. Microscopy and scanning images showed that the number of human MSCs increased and their differentiation into osteoblast was promoted after application of BDNF. Real-time PCR revealed that the relative mRNA expression of both osteogenic and angiogenic genes significantly increased after stimulated by BDNF. Furthermore, consistent with these results, the administration of BDNF/hyaluronan-NPs induced bone formation in vivo and compatible with the surrounding tissue. We conclude that the combination of BDNF and hyaluronan-NPs could efficiently induced osteogenesis and osteoblast activity and facilitate induction of endothelial cells. Thus, BDNF/hyaluronan-NPs might be a promising approach for bone fracture treatment.


Bin Li , Fei Chen , Yi Liu and Guokang Xu

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