Enhancement Accuracy of Breast Tumor Diagnosis in Digital Mammograms

Early detection of breast cancer greatly improves the prognosis and treatment for patients, the early signs of breast cancer that appear in mammograms, digital mammography is one of the best methods detection of breast cancer. Screening the breast by mammograms is useful in detection of cancer diseases in women without any external symptom.

In this paper we aims to early detection of breast cancer by mammography depending on the production of excellent images and competent interpretation, we aims to analyse the digital mammograms by computerization for helping the radiologist to detect and classify breast cancer early. The proposed technique depends on segment digital mammograms and separate the tumor regions and classifying these images based on feature extraction, shape of tumor, and edge-sharpness, the system is decide if mammogram image is normal or abnormal, and determines whether the abnormal one is benign or malignant. The proposed system is implemented by MATLAB program.


Saeed Khodary M Hamouda, Reda H Abo El-Ezz and Mohammed E Wahed

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