Improved Diffusion Rate with Triple Well Potential for Stem Cell Image Segmentation

Segmentation of stem cells is a challenging process in image processing where level set method is used extensively. This level set criterion with re-initialisation process reduces its wider range of application. Thus re-initialisation is eradicated by a method called distance regularisation in which the signed distance property is maintained near the zero level set via forward and backward (FAB) diffusion effect. A potential function is habituated to sustain the desired shape of the level set function. The initial potential function used in distance regularisation is single-well potential technique that causes excess backward diffusion and oscillation in LSF, so it is succeeded by double-well potential. But this double well technique losses the capability to conserve the regularity at some points. This problem is eliminated by a new novel method called improved diffusion rate with triple-well potential. The proposed diffusion rate can maintain the signed distance property of the level set function (LSF) and overcome the side effect of double-well potential with reduced number of iterations.


R. Nathiya, G. Sivaradje

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