International Eco-Harmony-Values Resort Update

Community education about  environmental sustainability has never been more important on this Planet than now, in the times  of climate change.

Environmental  and social sustainability are inseparably interconnected.

Planet Earth is a divine place for humans to live in peace, harmony and unity with each other and with Nature.

The environmental  crisis is the reflection of decline in morality which needs to be restored. Our spiritual unity and oneness with Nature need to permeate all our interactions, personal or in business, all our networking in society. We learn and grow through all our interactions. However, specialised multipurpose centres for focused and intensive free community education in environmental and social sustainability with multimedia facilities, also as live-in settings, need to be set up to complement formal education.

We propose a model of an International Eco Harmony Values Resort. The world model was inaugurated  in 2007 in the International Conference of the European Centre for Peace and Development, supported by UN.  F urther developmental stages of the project were made in 2 more annual international conferences. The European model is focused primarily on building a culture of peace in war torn areas, as well as preservation of national parks and environmental sustainability.

The Australian model is intensively focused on education in environmental sustainability, as well as fostering  harmony and inclusiveness in the Australian society. An update about the preparatory work done for setting up an International Eco-Harmony-Values Resort in Australia is meant to contribute to this Conference.


Marta Balan

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