Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings of Isolated Hepatic Tuberculoma: A Diagnostic Dilemma

Extrapulmonary tuberculosis, constitutes almost one-fifth of all tuberculosis cases and less than 1% of all cases involving liver. Here we report a case of isolated hepatic tuberculoma mimicking solitary liver mass on MRI, recovered with anti-TB treatment. The radiologic features of hepatic tuberculoma can mimic liver tumors, cholangiocarcinomas, liver abscess and hydatid cyst, or may present with various forms of systemic diseases. The physical findings and imaging appearance of hepatic tuberculoma are considered to be nonspecific on US, CT and MRI that may cause diagnostic problems. For the accurate diagnosis of atypical liver lesions mimicing mass at radiologic imaging, a histopathological or bacteriological confirmation is often required.


Kuzan TY, Asadov R, Ergelen R

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