The Effect of Irvingia gabonensis Ethanol Extracts (Ogbono) Seeds on the Growth rate and Hematological Parameters in Wistar rats.

Aim: To evaluate the effect of Irvingia gabonensis ethanol extract on the growth-rate and haematological parameters in Wistar rats.

Method: This research was a randomized-controlled study of two groups using ten Male Wistar strain rats within the age of two months, weighing 80 g-146 g. Group one as the control and Group two as the test. During the study, distilled water and rat feed was given to the group one, and an oral administration of 250 mg/kg Irvingia gabonensis was given to group two for 14 days using oral gavage. The growth rate of the Wistar rats was measured as its length using a tape rule within 3 days throughout the study period. Finally, blood samples were obtained for haematological analysis using the BC-5380 Auto Haematology Analyzer.

Result: We discovered that an oral administration of 250 mg/kg Irvingia gabonensis significantly increased (p<0.05) the Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin Concentration (34+0.27) g/dl of the test group when compared to the control (33.23+0.23) g/dl. However, the result didn't indicate a significant change in the growth rate of both groups during the 14 days of study.

Conclusion: The ethanol extract of Irvingia gabonensis seeds doesn't negatively affect blood parameters. Thus, suggesting the use of Irvingia gabonensis extract for the maintenance of normal blood function.


Precious Ijeoma Peter*, Mark Victor

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